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Aesthos ONLINE Interior Design Service

Now get your Home Interiors Done in International Standards by one of India’s Top Design Studios at a Fraction of the cost… Wherever you’re located.

How does ONLINE works?

It’s Simple, Flexible, Quick & Cost-effective…

Upload your info

Upload your basic info like No. of Rooms, Area, Budget, Pics, your ideas, inspirations, reference images if any, etc. by filling a short and quick form

Take a Fun Quiz

Take our Visual Style Quiz to find out what design style best reflects YOU. So that our design options are in line with your vision & personality

Get Layouts / 3D Views

All professional layouts / drawings that you’ll need for executing the design (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.) plus 3D renderings (optional) in your inbox

Curated Shopping List

Save time and money with a Thoroughly-researched, Hand-picked online shopping list to easily buy furniture, fitting, furnishings, paints, tiles etc from the Best sources

Get Execution Started

Appoint a local contractor and Get your execution work started armed with detailed A-to-Z instructions and technical drawings that leave no margin for errors

Real-time Support from Designer

Throughout the project, Stay in touch and Get Real-time collaboration with your designer via WhatsApp, Phone and Video calls

Who is this for?

Our ONLINE Design Service is Suitable for…

Highly informed clients with a strong sense of style, who want to Partner with a Professional Designer to help turn their Ideas into Reality

Online, D.I.Y. type of people who would like to be more involved in making their dream home, Work at their own pace, Save time and money AND Get expert, safety-compliant advice, cost-saving tips to avoid costly technical mistakes… without having to go thru endless meetings, or having to go hunting to a hundred shops offline

Creative people who have done their research for designs / inspirations / ideas online and would want the expertise of a highly professional, experienced designer to execute them, at a fraction of the cost compared to the time and money involved in hiring and working with an offline designer

Clients in locations / towns where they are not able to find a Designer who is aligned with their style / vision, who is able to deliver world class / contemporary / creative design perspectives

How much does it cost?

Literally 1/3rd of what you would pay to hire a Designer of this Calibre and Experience offline

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