• Creativity requires the
    To let go of certainties
  • Vibrant & Buzzing
    Lounges and Bars
  • Inspired & Energized
    Work Spaces
  • Relaxed & Rejuvenating
    Open Air Spaces

~ Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

Interior Design & Styling Services, Mumbai

Recreational Spaces

Cafes, Bars, Restaurants & Bistros, the cradles of our culture, melting pots of the civilised world, where friends, lovers, dreamers, achievers, travellers & seekers converge to let their hair down, open their minds, find someone or lose themselves… Recreational spaces are our forte, we specialise in creating ambiences where people can come & relax into the warm fuzzy feeling that in spite of everything, Life is worth it.
Hospitality Interior Design

Outdoor Spaces

Creating tiny oasis using scarce open spaces with glimpses of the sky & wisps of an occasional wind, right in the midst of, cluttered, concrete, urban jungles, is something that brings us as much fulfilment as it brings the patrons a sense of connection with their world, and our clients a sense of having created a space extra-ordinary… Using creative fusion of natural elements of light, water, air, foliage and energy…
Outdoor Spaces Interior Design

Living Spaces

Designing living spaces that are an extension of your aspirations and your potential, rather than just your personality. A lot of thought and imagination go into creating spaces where your life stories are played out, your Home… Be it a clever use of available space, a creative blend of lights colors and forms, or a fusion of luxury and utility, we design homes that are energised and inspired by YOU…
Residential Interior Design

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The Design Process

  • Understand
  • Conceptualize
  • Design
  • Supervise
The first step is usually meeting, discussing and understanding the project requirements and client’s objectives. In these meetings, which are preferably held at location, we Analyse the location with a quick but thorough check, Discussing options, Offering suggestions, Setting Expectations, which is followed by extending a Proposal projecting timelines and investments, defining the project scope and Signing a project contract.
Once we are clear about the client’s requirements and objectives, usually accompanied by client’s brief, we get down to the seriously exciting and fun part of Ideation and Conceptualization. Brain storming sessions, fuelled by insane amounts of caffeine, are held to align with the client’s requirements and offering the most feasible and creative options. Each element is thoroughly evaluated, carefully matched by analysing all the options in terms of colours, textures, material, form, furniture, shapes, designs, impressions etc. Concepts are communicated to clients through proof-of-concept like picture boards, mood-boards and presentations.
When the concepts are approved and frozen, we take detailed measurements of the site and the actual designing phase commences. This is the technically challenging part and is carried out in the most professional manner with brutal attention to details. Layout plans are made for each section, incorporating the design elements. 3D drawings are provided, on request, to help the client visualize the space before starting.
We usually prefer to work on ‘Design and Design Supervision’ basis, co-ordinating and working in sync with the contractors hired by the clients, providing detailed layouts, elevations, details and working drawings and supervising the execution process. Throughout the entire process, the objective of creating a space that will ‘WORK as intended’ is always kept in clear focus, as we firmly believe, “Design is not only how it looks, but how it works.”

AESTHOS: a synthesis of AESTHETICS and ETHOS


(Formerly Interior Impressions)

AESTHOS is an Interior Design firm based in Mumbai, India, founded in November 2005 as Interior Impressions. AESTHOS specialises in Infusing Fresh Ideas & Good Vibes in Hospitality, Commercial, Retail and Living Spaces.

Arrshie Singh

Founder, Design Head

Gifted with a Fearless, Unapologetic Imagination and an OCD for Perfection, Arrshie has been creating inspiring spaces since 2005, leading a dedicated team of thorough professionals, contractors, electricians, carpenters, civil and paint/polish personnel working in flawless sync.

Times Nightlife Award 2011

kino 108

Arrshie's creation Kino108 bar won the Times Nightlife Award for "Best Bar with Dancing - Noteworthy Newcomer" in 2011

Times Nightlife Award 2014

Copa Bar

Copa bar, Juhu, another design by Arrshie, won the Times Nightlife Award for "Best Bar with Dancing - Noteworthy Newcomer" in 2014

Times Nightlife Award 2015

Copa Bar

Copa bar won the Times Nightlife Award for "Best Bar with Dancing - Noteworthy Newcomer" in 2015 again, 2 year in a row

Arrshie Singh, Founder, Design Head

There is nothing obvious about Arrshie, A post-graduate in Business Administration from Symbiosis, Pune, she surprises you with her multiple talents and swears by the adage ‘Change is the only constant’. With a versatile mix of experiences in her professional career, from a flight attendant for 6 years (facilitating world exposure), to working in an Interior Firm for a year, to working in senior positions in the Advertising industry for 6 years, She got back to Interior Designing in 2005, for she strongly felt this was her True Calling.

Well, she has almost seen it all. A 2 year diploma from ‘the father of Interior Design’ Architect Ahmed Kasu, (whose big fat book on interiors is a part of curriculum in most Interior Design Colleges), she also holds an Interior Design Degree from National School of Design (B.Sc Interior Design).

Additionally she spends her weekends giving back to society by voluntarily teaching interior design in the same National School of Design where she graduated from.



Completed Projects:

Ongoing Projects

  • Xanadu - Blue Bay Curacao
  • Residential 2BHK - Versova, Mumbai
  • Cafe - Bandra, Mumbai
  • Tea Cafe - Versova, Mumbai


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