"The biggest challenge of Hospitality business in India today is not the competition, It's the consumers who have come of age, who have seen it all and more, who constantly demand New Experiences, Fresh Ambience, Innovations where they spend their Time and Money. So to keep them engaged and thrive in this business, you have to constantly Re-invent, Re-vive and Re-new the Experience that you offer to your customers."
- Kabir Luthria, Director, Kino Hospitality Pvt Ltd

Has your Bar, Cafe, Lounge or Restaurant been in business for more than 3 years ?

If yes, it’s time already to start thinking about Re-affirming or Re-inventing the ‘Feel’, the ‘Vibe’, the ‘User experience’ and the ‘Positioning’ of your business outlet.

According to a consumer market research by Plunkett Research Ltd, in today’s online and social media enabled crowded marketplace, it takes just 2 Months for the ‘Newness’ of a bar / cafe / restaurant to wear off, About 12 Months for new walk-ins to drop more than 60% (and to build a loyal customer base), and less than 36 Months for a place to start getting monotonous even for loyals.

Thankfully, this does not have to burn a hole in your pocket.

AESTHOS is an Interior Design Studio Specialising in Infusing Fresh Ideas and Creating Buzzing Spaces for Hospitality Businesses.

Whether you need a complete overhaul, or just a little fine-tuning / makeover / styling to enhance or re-position your place, we have a solution for you.

AESTHOS can help you Re-Do your place with minimal investment to achieve Maximum effect, not only in terms of Interiors, but also in terms of Brand positioning, Styling and Defining your place’s User Experience.

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Below is a case study of how AESTHOS transformed an old rundown failing restaurant called 'Miami multicuisine restaurant' at marine lines, Mumbai, with a Complete Overhaul, into the most Happening, Vibrant, Buzzing Lounge Bar in the area called 'Vortex South'.

Main Dining Area 01


Main Dining Area 02


Main Dining Area Gallery


Upper Deck Bar


Upper Deck Gallery


Lower Deck Bar


Lower Sheesha Cigar Lounge


Upper Sheesha Lounge 01


Upper Sheesha Lounge 02

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